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Program – Education and Technology Forum

9:00 -12:00

Learning and Teaching

Through national programs and collaboration, all Australian schools have access to pool of high quality student and teacher online resources linked to the Australian Curriculum and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Combined with commercial and ‘free to air’ resources, and supported by online social networks, students and teachers have an extraordinary educational toolbox at their disposal. How are these resources being used to make a difference?

In this workshop representatives from all states and territories will share strategies and initiatives, and tackle the challenges facing the digital classroom. Topics covered include: 

  • Making the most of the National Online Learning Services (Scootle, Scootle Community, Language Learning Space)
  • Tracking changes in the range and use of online resources
  • Sharing resources and strategies for digital learning

Data Mobility

Learning, teaching and school administration increasingly involves the exchange of education data with external agencies and service providers. How can data be reliably and securely exchanged in the increasingly complex digital learning ecosystem? How can information derived from many online experiences be linked to a student’s individual record as they move through schooling, and between schools. This session will share some of the leading work underway by education authorities around Australia to meet these challenges. Topics covered include:

  • information privacy and risk
  • identity management
  • establishment of ‘data hubs’ to exchange data with multiple online providers.


12:00 -1:00

Networking Lunch: Participants from both morning sessions will join members of the Data Standards Working Group to share a buffet lunch.

1:00 -2:00

Learning Impact Awards: Presentations by regional finalists in the IMS Learning Impact Awards, with attendees voting for the “People’s Choice award.


Plenary session: Using data to improve outcomes

Most school systems, and many individual schools, have implemented or are seeking to implement tools that enable teachers to harness data from multiple sources in an endeavour to identity learner strengths and weaknesses and formulate more effective learning programs.  This session will include cases studies and a panel discussion to explore topics including:

  • Learner analytics in Australian schools
  • International perspectives
  • Lessons from higher education
  • Adaptive learning
  • Measuring ‘experience’


Networking Reception: Announcement of regional winners in the IMS Learning Impact Awards and the outcome of the Connect-a-thon