The NSIP Interoperability Challenge and Results

“Learner Centric Data Management”

The NSIP Interoperability Challenge is an annual feature of the EduTECH Expo. The Challenge offers an opportunity for solution providers to brief education systems CIOs about their products, focusing in particular on the ways in which products from different suppliers can integrate to deliver better overall solutions for school communities.

The theme of the 2018 Interoperability Challenge was Learner Centric Data Management. System solution providers were asked to identify ways in which critical information about the student could be made available in the context of learning and decision-making to support optimal learning outcomes.

Key characteristics of Learner Centric Data Management are:

  • Systems and decisions affecting student’s learning are informed by critical data
  • Critical data is exchanged between systems and learning contexts
  • Data moves with the learner as they move between education providers
  • Learners, teachers and parents have access to:
    • a consolidated current view of the student’s progress and needs
    • a longitudinal view of a learner’s progress and achievement
  • Information from learning experiences outside school is considered in a learner’s needs and progress
  • Information available to learners, educators, parents and policy makers based on authoritative classroom data

We asked applicants to tell us:

  • How their systems would support learner-centric data management, with a focus on the educational outcomes and support for learners?
  • How the use of their products would make reliable, consistent data available (to users and other applications) under the Learning Services Architecture?
  • What school or student level improvements their products could achieve through the use of that data?

The successful applicants were give a presentation at EduTECH on Thursday 7 June from 11am – 12pm, (on the main exhibition stage inside the Expo area), to the education CIOs and other delegates at the conference.

The successful applicants were....

Company Presentation

Presentation (please click)

Presenter: Michael Wilkinson, Deputy Managing Director, Frog Education


Presentation (please click)

Presenter: Harrison Kelly, Regional Director, Canvas




Presenter: Daniel Wolf-Clark, CEO, myEdOnline



Presenter: Simon Free, Head of Customer Engagement and Co-Founder, ClassCoach


Presentation (please click)

Presenter: Antony Mawer, Chief Technical Officer, Sentral


Presentation (please click)

Presenter: John Fison, Chief Executive Officer, CyberHound


Presentation (please click)

Presenter: James Leckie, Director, Alaress