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SIF AU Community Meetings and Workshops

On Monday 24th of November and Tuesday 25th of November NSIP will be hosting SIF AU Community Meetings and Workshops in Melbourne.

These activities run alongside the Education and Technology Forum and a number of other significant meetings of education and technology leaders which are all being hosted in Melbourne at the same time.

An overview of the SIF AU Community Meetings and Workshops schedule is available here, and also includes a link to our online registration page.

Sumary of Activities

Monday 24th November 2014

On Monday NSIP will be hosting another SIF 3 Developer Training event. The authors of the SIF 3 Frameworks (Java and .Net) will be on hand to get you up and running with the latest version of SIF. For anyone wanting to create a SIF based integration within their products this is the perfect opportunity to learn from the experts. The course will also introduce critical new features of SIF version 3, in particular the new REST API that makes integration using any web-friendly development stack simpler than ever before.

For details of the training course outline see the program overview.

Tuesday 25th November 2014

On Tuesday a series of workshops will be conducted to explore real-world implementation issues and solutions for those involved in SIF implementations. Topics such as zone architecture design, how and when to employ a broker, the use and advantages of working with Events.

These sessions will be collaborative and also offer an opportunity for attendees to bring their own implementation issues or concerns to the group in order to get help from the SIF community.

In parallel with the development workshops other events are available to participants:

  • The Data Standards Working Group
    • This is the Australian forum for all things concerning the standards used for interoperability within the education sector. Although decision-making rights are restricted to elected members, this is an opportunity for anyone in the technical community to meet the representatives and to participate as an observer.
  • The Education Technology Vendor Forum
  • An opportunity for all those involved in the education IT space to hear about changes in the technology procurement landscape from key decision-makers, and for technology creators to ensure their perspective is captured as part of the ongoing strategic dialog.   

Don't forget also that the Education and Technology Forum will also be running at the same venue.

Who Should Attend

These activities are open to teams who create software and solutions for use in the education sector. 


The forum will be held at the Mercure Treasury Gardens, 13 Spring Street Melbourne.


To register for the Development Forum, please visit our online registration page here. There is no charge for attending the forum. A buffet lunch and refreshments during the day will be provided.  Attendees are responsible for all other expenses.

Registrations close 19 November. Numbers are strictly limited so we do ask you to register for the event, and to indicate in your registration which sesions you would like to attend.

Forum Sponsors

Information about the forum sponsors is available at www.nsip.edu.au and www.esa.edu.au.