NSIP has worked with education agencies around Australia, and with solution providers, to develop common solutions to business and IT problems facing schools. Based on agreed interoperability standards, this collaborative approach has been shown to result in improved solutions as well as savings in time and cost.

A localised version of the Systems Interoperability Framework (SIF) has been produced and is steadily being adopted with support from the education software industry.

A widely used subset of the SIF data model known as the Student Information System Baseline Profile, or SBP, is being adopted by school authorities and vendors as the basis for exchanging identity data between systems and organisations.

NSIP has provided guidance to national IT projects and assisted schools and school authorities to connect with shared national services to support curriculum, assessment and reporting. These projects are contributing to standards based infrastructure to support able to support online learning more generally

NSIP has produced an identity management framework that provides a consistent and secure national approach for exchanging personal information with online services.

Importantly, NSIP is helping education authorities, schools and ICT developers to understand the value of choosing strategic solutions to interoperability challenges, leading to a richer, safer and more supportive online learning environment in Australian schools.