SIF, the Systems Interoperability Framework, is an open, industry supported standard used to link together data systems within the school sector. SIF is well established in the US, the UK and Australia.

Application of the standard enables systems to interact and share data efficiently, securely and cost effectively, regardless of the application and technology platform.

NSIP is chartered to support SIF AU, the Australian chapter of the international Access4Learning Community (formally known as the SIF Association), as part of its mission to promote interoperability standards across the schools sector. State, Territory and Federal departments of education, along with a growing number of vendors are members of the SIF AU community.

The A4L Community (AU) develops and maintains the Australian version of the SIF Implementation Specification and offers practical support to organisations involved in its application. The standard is maintained in Australia by a data standards working group which includes agency  representatives from all states and territories as well as developers of wide range of ICT products used in Australian schools.

Led by vendor members of SIF AU, a heavily used subset of the SIF specification, the Student Information System Baseline Profile, or SBP, has been defined. The SBP is being used to facilitate data exchange between applications and organisations nationally.

The association is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to achieving interoperability between information systems through the use of the Systems Interoperability Framework, and ensuring the standards meet the needs of the Australian schools sector.