In the USA there are, at any given time, over 100 SIF Certified Applications in operation. High level statistics based on verified Local Education Authority (LEA) and State Education Authority (SEA) implementations are as follows. Actual numbers are be greater.

  • All 50 states have SIF Implementations
  • Over 85% of LEA SIS use the SIF Data Model (may or may not use infrastructure)
  • 80-90% of LEAs SIS have SIF Agents built
  • Over 3,200 LEAs have implemented SIF horizontally (Data Model and Infrastructure within institution)
  • Over 15 million students being served via SIF interoperability globally

Example of SIF deployments include:

  • In Virginia, 146 state data warehouse items are collected for 1.2 million students every year on state wide testing and real time data exchange of student ID numbers every minute of the school day.  This usually is at a maximum of 1,000 on a busy normal day and has maxed at 100,000 during end/beginning of year school movement.  
  • In Wyoming, end of year attendance summaries for 90,000 students are collected once per year. A progress report with 79 demographic, enrolment, special education and program participation elements are collected for all students every 60 days during the school year. State ID generation for a new student takes less than two minutes in schools where the Student Locator is set up.  
  • In Ohio 12 data items are collected for new students in near real time to generate state student ID numbers.  All districts use this SIF functionality.  Students in districts representing up to 30,000 have transportation software populated in near real time when the data changes, for example bus numbers are added.
  • The New York School district has estimated the hourly dividend at the school level gained through interoperability via SIF spread across a range of instructional and administrative applications.



SEA and LEA Success Stories can be found at: